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SPDIF RCA L/R Audio Extender over Cat5e/6 Cable 300m DAC PoC-BUNGPUNG

SPDIF RCA L/R Audio Extender over Cat5e/6 Cable 300m DAC PoC-BUNGPUNG

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SPDIF RCA L/R Audio Extender over Cat5e/6 Cable PRODUCT DETAILS

This digital analog Audio Extender can extend the transmission distance of optical digital and analog audio signals concurrently up to 300m/990ft (48kHz), 150m/495ft (96kHz) or 100m/330ft (192kHz) over a single CAT5E/6 cable. The digital optical audio is directly passed from transmitter to receiver. The signal source of analog audio output on receiver is selectable from the digital optical or the analog audio signal from transmitter. The extender also supports bidirectional POC function.
it can achieve zero-delay, uncompressed long-distance audio transmission between the transmitter and receiver. This is a fantastic plug and play solution for sending optical fiber and analog audio from an blu-ray player to an remote amplifier, AVR or multi-room audio system which requires an analog stereo audio input signal.


  • SPDIF RCA Audio Extender over CAT5e/6 Cable- Extend RCA SPDIF Audio Signal up to 300m/990ft (48kHz), 150m/495ft (96kHz) or 100m/330ft (192kHz) over Cat5e/6 Cable. Note: Good quality CAT cables are essential in delivering quality content.

  • Full HD Audio formats - LPCM, DTS, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. Support audio sample rates: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz and 192kHz up to 24-bit resolution. Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), the analog audio output port can be selected digital audio or analog audio from TX through the audio selection switch

  • Power Over Cable (PoC): Adopt POC technology, power over cable, Only 1 Power Adapter is required either at TX or RX end, the other can be powered via the Cat cable, more simple and convenient. 
  • plug and play installation: no driver required. surface mountable metal housing allows easy placement; sturdy metal body provides durability and minimizes EMI/RFI noise interference. FCC, CE & ROHS compliant
  • 1 year warranty for product defects


  1. Can I extend beyond the mentioned distance? Yes, you will be able to get a signal beyond the mentioned distance but the quality of the video decreases with increase in the distance and that too when using with shielded CAT6 cable.
  2. Can I input the output of this product to another extender similar to daisy chain method? Yes, you can implement the daisy chain method. This extender can be cascaded to another extender.
  3. What types of HDMI & CAT cables should I use with this product? We strongly recommend you to use Premium High Speed HDMI cables & shielded CAT6 cables.
  4. What is the maximum length of HDMI input and output cables? You can use Premium High Speed HDMI cables up to 10m for 4K@30Hz/1080P60Hz.
  5. How far does this product can extend between HDMI source and display? it can extend the transmission distance up to 70m/230ft for 1080P60Hz or 40m/131ft for 4k30Hz when using with a CAT6 cable. If you use Cat5e cable, the transmission distance is 197ft/60m for 1080p60hz or 115ft/35m for 4K30hz.
  6. Does this unit work with cat5e cable? if you can not get signal on display, The issue might be with the CAT cable. This might be due to the external interference of the signals & CAT5e has low bandwidth as compared to the CAT6. We recommend you using shielded CAT6 cable.
  7. How to know if the extender is broken? If the power and link led lights does not illuminate on the RJ45 port of the transmitter and the receiver, then the transmitter & receiver might be broken.
  8. Does this product support IR frequency or FR frequency? Our all the extenders support IR Frequency.
  9. Does the receiver unit need to be connected to a power adapter? unnecessary. This product supports power over cable function. The receiver unit is powered by the transmitter unit via the CAT cable.
  10. What is the function of the EDID copy of this product? It Support copying EDID from receiver display or loop out display. It ensures that the HDMI source device outputs the best signal resolution that the display device can support.

Download User Manual



Audio Bitrate over Transmission Distance


192kHz - 100m, 96kHz - 150m, 48kHz - 300m

Supported Audio

Optical: All audio formats, including LPCM2.0, LPCM5.1, Dolby Digital2/5.1CH
Analog: PCM 2.0

Sample Rates 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz and 192kHz
up to 24-bit resolution


ESD Protection

Human Body model:

+/- 8 kV (air-gap discharge) +/- 4 kV (contact discharge)




Input port: 1 x SPDIF IN [Optical Audio Jack]
1 x L/R IN [RCA Stereo Audio jack]
1 x Micro-USB
Output port: 1 x CAT OUT [RJ45]



Input port: 1 x CAT IN [RJ45]
1 x Micro-USB
Output port: 1 x SPDIF OUT [Optical Audio Jack]
1 x L/R OUT [RCA Stereo Audio jack]




Metal Enclosure




Transmitter/Receiver: 90mm[W] × 72mm[D] × 20mm[H]


Transmitter/Receiver: 174g

Power Supply

DC 5V/1A

Power Consumption

1.5W (Max)

Operation Temperature

32 - 104°F / 0 - 40°C

Storage temperature

-4 - 140°F / -20 - 60°C

Relative Humidity

20 - 90% RH (no condensation)

Package Contents

① 1 × Audio Extender (Transmitter)
② 1 × Audio Extender (Receiver)
③ 1 × USB Cable (USB-A to Micro-USB port)
④ 1 × User Manual

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