Collection: HDMI Extenders over Cat

HDMI extenders over CAT are devices that allow the transmission of HDMI signals over CAT6 (Category 6) Ethernet cables. They are designed to extend high-definition video and audio signals from a source device to a remote display located at a distance beyond the limitations of standard HDMI cables. CAT6 cables are commonly used in Ethernet networks due to their enhanced performance and capacity to transmit data at higher speeds over longer distances compared to earlier versions like CAT5 or CAT5e. HDMI extenders over CAT6 leverage these cables to extend HDMI signals.

The basic setup of an HDMI extender over CAT involves a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. The transmitter is connected to the HDMI source device, such as a computer, Blu-ray player, or game console. It converts the HDMI signals into a format suitable for transmission over CAT6 cables. The receiver unit is connected to the remote display, and it receives the transmitted signals and converts them back into HDMI for display on the screen. By utilizing CAT6 cables, HDMI extenders can transmit HDMI signals over longer distances, typically up to 50-100 meters (164-328 feet) or even farther, depending on the specific extender model. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of device placement and enables the connection of displays in separate rooms or areas.

HDMI extenders over CAT may also support additional features such as IR (infrared) control signal transmission, USB extension for peripherals, and audio transmission. Some extenders may support higher video resolutions, additional audio formats, or offer features like power over Ethernet (PoE) for simplified installation. These features can provide further convenience and functionality when using the HDMI extender setup.