Collection: HDMI Splitter Extender

An HDMI splitter extender over Cat6 cable is a device that combines the functionality of an HDMI splitter and an HDMI extender to distribute HDMI signals to multiple remote displays over longer distances using Category 6 (Cat6) Ethernet cables. It allows you to split and extend high-definition audio and video signals from a single source to multiple displays located far away.

It's important to note that HDMI splitter extenders over Cat6 cables can have different specifications and capabilities depending on the manufacturer and model. The maximum distance of HDMI extension can vary based on the extender's specifications and the quality of the Cat6 cables used. Additionally, some HDMI splitter extenders may support additional functionalities like audio extraction, EDID management, or remote control options.

When setting up an HDMI splitter extender over Cat6 cable, it's crucial to ensure that the Cat6 cables are properly terminated and of good quality to maintain signal integrity over longer distances.

Overall, HDMI splitter extenders over Cat6 cables are commonly used in scenarios where you need to distribute the same HDMI content to multiple displays in different locations, such as in retail environments, digital signage installations, conference rooms, or classrooms, while extending the reach of the HDMI signals.