Collection: USB Extenders over Cat5e/6

A USB extender over Cat5 cable is a device or solution that allows you to extend the range of a USB connection using Category 5 (Cat5) Ethernet cable. It enables you to transmit USB signals over longer distances than the standard USB cable limitations, which is typically around 5 meters (16 feet) for USB 2.0 and even shorter for USB 3.0.

The USB extender over Cat5 system typically consists of two units: a local unit and a remote unit. The local unit connects to the USB port of the computer or the USB host device, while the remote unit connects to the USB device you want to extend the connection to. The two units are then connected using Cat5 or Cat5e Ethernet cable.

By utilizing Cat5 or Cat5e Ethernet cable, which has a longer range capability compared to USB cables, the USB extender over Cat5 cable effectively extends the reach of the USB connection. It allows you to place USB devices farther away from the computer without experiencing signal degradation or loss of functionality.